What would make a wife pour a pot of boiling water on her husband?

Marriage is meant to be a
union where love, comfort and
unity exist but when the
partners turn on each, then
there is much left to be
What else can one say when a
wife who is supposed to be a
man’s best friend, turns out
to be his worst enemy? That is
the scenario we have on our
hands when an angry wife
decided to take out her anger
on her husband by emptying a
pot of boiling water on him,
causing him to sustain serious
burns on his body.
A colleague, Seun Oloketuyi,
posted this on his Instagram
page on what a wicked wife did
to his friend in Abuja after a
This is what he wrote to
accompany the photo:
Just left the hospital and it is
worse than I thought. My good
friend is in the hospital in
Abuja now for four days with
second degree burns.
While he was sleeping, his wife
poured hot water on him (face
legs, thighs, hips). She then
locked him inside while he was
screaming “fire, fire”, then
she took off.
She is 5months pregnant; they
have a 16 month old baby.
Been married for a year and a
half. Early in the year, she
slapped him which led to him
beating her.
They reconciled. He also
complains that they switch
house-help every month
because she beats the house-
help where there is blood on
the wall. Should he stay or get
the f out!!…- pissed off
This is the big question. What
do you think?http://


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